Exciting Hands-on DNA Workshops and Assemblies!

We are delighted to launch a series of DNA workshops and assemblies for primary schools. Below are the workshops on offer. Ideal for science week!

Please do contact us as we can create an exciting bespoke DNA day for your school.

Initially available in Hertfordshire.

Feedback from Josh, year 5

“It was like we were real scientists and now I really want to be a scientist when I grow up!”

Mrs Debbie Purrett, Headteacher, Bengeo Primary School

“I can’t thank you enough, it was really inspirational and has opened up the world of science for so many children.”

 The Secret of Life DNA Assembly

A hands-on assembly where the children will experience the magic of science as they purify and see real DNA from strawberries.

Suitable for: KS1 or KS2

Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: £100

Jumping Jellyfish Genes Assembly

In this completely safe hands-on assmbly, the children learn about the incredible world of genetic engineering. They do this by putting a jellyfish gene into bacteria and making them glow!

Suitable for: KS2

Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: £100

Solve the Mystery with Science Workshop

CSI style hands-on workshop where all the children are the suspects! Fingerprinting, simulated blood and DNA testing are all carried out by the children.

Suitable for: years 5 & 6

Cost : £295 for 1 or 2 classes in a half day.