Survey of Protein Diversity (Polyacrylamide-based)

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Survey of Protein Diversity (Polyacrylamide-based)

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For 6 student groups (sharing 3 gels)

Time required:

  • Electrophoresis 60 minutes
  • Staining 20 minutes
  • Destaining 2 hours
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Product Description

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Learn about the diversity of proteins by studying the electrophoretic profiles of various sources. Your students will separate proteins from bacterial, plant, serum, and milk proteins alongside a standard protein marker.

Kit includes: instructions, denatured LyphoProtein samples, standard protein markers, gel loading solution, buffer, Protein Plus stain & Protein InstaStain.

All you need: 3 polyacrylamide gels (12%), MV10 vertical gel electrophoresis apparatus, power supply, white light box, 5-50 ul adjustable or 20 ul fixed volume micropipette, fine tips, methanol, glacial acetic acid.