Forensic Blood Typing


Forensic Blood Typing

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For 10 groups of students

Complete in 50 minutes

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A sample that appeared to be blood was recovered from the handle of a gun left at a murder crime scene. The police identified three suspects with motives for this murder. While awaiting DNA testing it was decided to try and match blood samples from suspects to the recovered blood. In this classroom experiment, students will first identify if the recovered red material from the handle of the gun is actually dried blood and use a rapid blood type test to focus further investigation.

Kit includes: instructions, control ABO simulated blood samples, simulated crime scene, and suspect blood samples, anti-A and anti-B serums, blood detection stock solutions, transfer pipettes, microtitre plates, tubes, filter paper, cotton swab.

All you need: 95-100% ethanol, distilled water.  Optional: adjustable micropipette (5 – 50 µl).