Antigen-Antibody Interaction: The Ouchterlony Procedure

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Antigen-Antibody Interaction: The Ouchterlony Procedure

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For 10 Sets of Reactions

Set Up (35 minutes) Incubation (overnight)

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Introduce your students to the principles of antigen-antibody interactions by using the Ouchterlony procedure. Antibodies and antigens form complexes that precipitate, making it possible to assay antibody-antigen systems. The binding interaction results in the formation of a white precipitate after diffusion in agarose.

Kit includes: instructions, animal serum antigens & antibodies, practice gel loading solution, agarose, powdered buffer, transfer pipettes, Petri dishes, well cutters, microtest tubes.

All you need: automatic micropipets with tips, 5 or 10 ml pipets, 55ÂșC waterbath, measuring spatulas or toothpicks, microwave or hot plate, distilled water, incubation oven (optional).