Cloning of a PCR Amplified Gene

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Cloning of a PCR Amplified Gene

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For 5 groups of students

Time requirements:

  • Set up 30 minutes
  • PCR 2 hours or overnight
  • Electrophoresis 45 minutes
  • Transformation overnight
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Teach your students about cloning with this exciting and exclusive experiment! An antibiotic gene is amplified using PCR and then the size is determined by using DNA standard markers and agarose gel electrophoresis. T4 DNA Ligase is used to insert the antibiotic gene into a plasmid vector and the resulting recombinant DNA (“clone”) is used to transform E. coli LyphoCells. The transformed cells are plated and transformants are counted to determine transformation efficiency.

Kit includes: instructions, biologicals, buffers and reagents for PCR, ligation and transformation, ReadyPour Luria Broth agar, DNA size ladder, wax beads, agarose, electrophoresis buffer, gel stain.

All you need: thermal cycler, two waterbaths, incubation oven, electrophoresis tank and power supply, automatic micropipette with tips, UV transilluminator or blue light box.


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