Biochemical Analysis of Plant Enzymes

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Biochemical Analysis of Plant Enzymes

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For 10 student groups. Complete in 2 hours.

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With this experiment, your students will demonstrate general enzyme principles using specific plant enzymes which have important functions in biotechnology. Students perform tissue prints of seeds to examine what happens during malting. An additional activity allows students to quantify the activity of the enzyme amylase.

Kit includes: instructions, 3 types of barley seeds, iodine solution/stain, reaction buffer, starch, amylase enzyme powder, 1 ml pipettes, starch indicator paper, Petri dishes, graph paper template.

All you need: single edge razor blades, 2 waterbaths, spectrophotometer, adjustable micropipette with tips, test tubes, microscope or magnifying lens, hot plate, cutting board, forceps, test tube racks, pipette pumps, lab glassware, 1N HCl, distilled water, ice and ice bucket.