Biotech Basics – Cystic Fibrosis Testing

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Biotech Basics – Cystic Fibrosis Testing

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For 8 groups of students = 8 gels

Product Description

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Use this exciting and affordable DNA electrophoresis kit to teach genetic testing for cystic fibrosis! Cystic fibrosis is caused by a 3 base pair deletion and is easily seen using DNA electrophoresis.

With this kit, a mother, father and child are tested using real DNA samples. Your students will see a normal, carrier and affected genotype in the control samples provided. You can use the set to teach the meaning of the terms heterozygote and homozygote. The ethical issues raised by genetic testing can also be covered.

Made in the UK!

Contents: instructions, DNA samples, agarose, electrophoresis buffer, DNA stain

All you need: electrophoresis tank, power supply, fixed volume or adjustable 40ul micropipette and tips.